RDC litigation update: USAA wins second lawsuit against Wells Fargo

We blogged a couple of months ago with some updates on recent patent litigation between USAA and Wells Fargo, and now there are new developments in this ongoing litigation as well as a related lawsuit between USAA and a technology vendor. As background, in late 2017/early 2018, USAA sent many credit unions letters from a firm called Epicenter Law. These letters alleged that the credit union’s remote deposit capture (RDC) technology infringed on patents owned by USAA. Through these letters, USAA sought voluntary licensing fees from other financial institutions. Rather than making specific demands, these letters invited credit unions to call the firm to discuss licensing USAA patents.

In its ongoing efforts to be “reasonably compensated”  for making investments in and holding various patents for RDC technology, USAA filed two lawsuits against Wells Fargo in the summer of 2018. In the first of these lawsuits, a jury found in favor of USAA and determined that Wells Fargo willfully infringed on two of USAA’s patents. These patents are:

  • An “alignment guide” in the view of a mobile device’s camera to assist with image capture, which can be automatic once the image of the check is within the alignment guide (US Patent No. 8,699,779); and


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