Read this book to create powerful moments

When it comes to marketing and branding we tend to think about big strategic issues. Who we are trying to reach. What our messaging is. How can we best communicate how we are different. But maybe we should also start thinking about moments.

That is the premise from a new book by Chip & Dan Heath, The Power of Moments. They are also the authors of Switch and Made to Stick, two business book classics. But The Power of Moments is by far their best work. The book is a must read not only for executives but also for mid managers (especially branch managers).

They begin with the principle that we all have defining moments in our lives—meaningful experiences that stand out in our memory. These moments very much shape our lives.

They note, “We tend to remember flagship moments: the peaks, the pits and the transitions. This is a critical lesson for anyone in the service business—from restaurants to medical clinics to call centers to spas—where success hinges on the customer experience.” And let’s be clear: credit unions and banks are very much in the service business.


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