Ready for a national brand?

by. Samantha Paxson

We hear it all the time: You probably do, too. Credit unions shouldn’t be the best-kept secret in financial services. But if they’re going to break the consumer awareness barrier, credit unions need a national brand.

Get ready to take on the challenge. CO-OP has launched a new consumer website,, designed to raise consumer awareness and elevate the credit union brand. We tell the credit union story, introduce the lifelong benefits of membership and provide individual credit unions with the opportunity to connect with new members.

And that’s just the beginning. CO-OP’s “Empowering People. Amplifying Dreams.” campaign also includes ready-made marketing materials to help consumers make the switch to your credit union.

Want to know more? Join CO-OP team members and indy musician/campaign spokesperson Daria Musk for a live webinar that takes you step by step through CO-OP’s new consumer initiative and helps you identify and overcome the challenges connected with raising consumer awareness.

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