The real cost of a teen driver

Your insurance will go up

This is kind of a no brainer and you’ve probably been mentally preparing for it for some time now. But just how much is it going to increase depends on your state, and the gender of your teen. Thanks to men getting into more accidents on average, you will feel a bit more a sting insuring your son than you would a daughter. Insuring a 16-old boy will increase your insurance by an average of 90% whereas a girl the same age would only result in a 60% additional charge.

Drivers Ed

Nowadays driving school can cost anywhere from two hundred to nearly a thousand dollars, depending on the gas prices in your area and where exactly these classes are taught. That seems a bit pricey, but remember that it is a one-time cost that not only teaches your teen the rules of the road to make them a better, safer driver, but it also can lead to cheaper rates on your insurance depending on your plan.

The car and its troubles

Unless you have extra cars sitting around or intend to share your own, buying a new car will be an expense. However, what is less obvious to most parents is the continued cost of the vehicles upkeep. Maintenance and general repair costs can add up quickly. Starting with a reliable vehicle is the only real way to combat excessive costs over time.


Nobody wants to think about their child getting into an accident, but you have to be prepared for the worst. Nowadays teens have more distractions than ever.  Smartphones let them text, SnapChat, and catch Pokémon. All of these things can lead to a fender bender. The cost of repairs from an accident are not the only expense to worry about, your insurance could also take a nice hit.

Traffic tickets

Hopefully, like an accident, this never happens with your child but it is a very real concern, especially with new drivers. Depending on whether you choose to pay the ticket for them or have them pay it, there may be other expenses. Depending on the infraction your insurance has the right to raise the price, however, your teen can take a reeducation class to keep it off insurance. But you guessed it, those classes also come at a price.

Add up all your kids

The cost already seems a bit extreme, now multiply it. Double or triple all of the above. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that any child will be a better or cheaper driver. Never assume anything, but plan for the worst and hope for the best.