Remembering the power of resilience

Even when we think we have it together we sometimes hit roadblocks that can understandably bring us down. It is in those times when our strength is tested that we should remember to dig deep and find the power to bounce back from hardships. Not only can resilience make us happier and more positive, it can also drastically improve our health and quality of life. Here are three tips for finding strength and learning to be resilient during difficult times.

Take time to feel down

If you’re feeling discouraged at work or because of a challenge in your personal life, take a minute to experience exactly what it is you’re feeling. Pretending like the difficult thing isn’t happening will only prevent you from truly being able to move on. Take a short time to face the problem, accept it, and begin the process of moving forward.

Find sources of inspiration

Although experiencing negativity can be very difficult, finding someone to inspire and encourage you can make things infinitely better. Whether it’s a co-worker or a loved one, this source of inspiration can help you look at things in a different way and put things in perspective. It’s never a bad idea to surround yourself with positive energy and a creative outlook.

Understand what’s out of your control

Attempts at perfection are unrealistic so it’s critical you realize things won’t always go your way. When things take a turn it’s wise to decipher what you are actually able to control. When the situation is out of your hands the most important thing to understand is how you handle what you’re facing. You can’t control many stressful experiences but you can control your reactions and how you let these situations affect your life.

Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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