Research service offers CFPB complaint analysis by congressional district

The Congressional Research Service can provide a breakdown of complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by congressional district, the CRS said in a new report.

Members of Congress and congressional staff who want information about CFPB consumer complaints in their congressional districts or states compared with the entire nation may contact the CRS with their request, according to the report.

The research service said that the CFPB often publishes information containing consumer complaint statistics. In addition, the CFPB’s interactive webpage allows consumers to see complaint trends by state. Each Spring, the CFPB sends Congress a report on consumer complaint trends. The CRS can narrow the analysis down even further for congressional offices.

“The CFPB uses consumer complaints to monitor consumer financial markets, prioritize the supervision of companies, enforce consumer financial laws, and support other CFPB activities,” the CRS said. The CRS said based on the database, it can provide a one-page analysis containing the total number of complaints filed by consumers in a particular district.


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