Revisit your client relationships to improve your tax season

As an accountant in practice, you will more than likely be familiar with the amount of work and pressure accountants are under during tax season. The sheer volume of work, emails, checklists, and documents can be overwhelming.

Although returns can be filed any time after the deadline, you will probably find that 90% of returns aren’t filed until the 2 months prior. This can be due to a variety of reasons; however, the most common reason tends to be getting information in from the client in a timely and efficient manner. Other reasons include clients refusing to use the software that you asked them to, and responding to your requests for their paperwork with “don’t you already have everything?”

Now, if you want to improve your tax season, it is important to first look at your client relationships. If your relationships are good, your clients do as you ask and their attitudes are right, then it’s possible to have a smooth tax season.


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