Ronaldo Hardy unveils his timeless leadership principles

In this episode, we uncover the invaluable lessons that credit union leaders can learn from the remarkable Ronaldo Hardy, the new CEO of NACUSO.

With a deep well of industry experience and a track record as a purpose-driven, high-results CEO at Southwest Louisiana FCU, Shell Geismar FCU, and as the “Chief People Officer” at his consulting firm, “CU Strategic Planning,” Ronaldo is a wealth of knowledge waiting to be tapped.

But what sets him apart isn’t just his impressive resume; it’s his ability to inspire and lead. As a sought-after keynote speaker at prestigious events like CUNA Management School, SW CUNA Management School, Western CUNA Management Alumni Association, CUES, and the NCUA’s Inaugural Diversity Summit, Ronaldo has shared his insights with audiences far and wide.

In this episode, we delve into the leadership principles that have propelled Ronaldo to the top and the strategies he employs to drive results and inspire teams. Discover how his passion for learning, laughter, and leadership has shaped his journey and how it can transform your approach to credit union leadership. Don’t miss this opportunity to glean wisdom from a leader who’s making waves and paving the way for the future of credit unions.

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