Rules of Engagement: The five types of social media members seek most

With so much content available at your fingertips, it’s more important than ever to share relevant material on your social media channels that your followers care about. So what kind of content gets your followers to engage?

Here are the five types of social media content that are sure to boost engagement rates for credit unions:

Member-related Content
There is no one better to share their experience with your credit union than a happy member. Members are what make your credit union great, so why not tell their stories? Recently, Allegacy Federal Credit Union shared a story on their Facebook page about one of their members opening a savings account for their daughter. The credit union employee that opened that savings account was the same person who opened a savings account for the member’s mom when she was a newborn back in 1982! As indicated by the 75 reactions, 10 comments and two shares they received, this heartfelt story resonated strongly with Allegacy Federal Credit Union’s followers.


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