Search for CCUA president/CEO to resume

Sarah Vega, recently named as the new president/CEO of the Cooperative Credit Union Association, has decided to remain at her NCUA post.

At CCUA’s recent Annual Convention, the board announced its selection of Vega as the new President and CEO of the Association. Vega has reconsidered her acceptance of CCUA’s offer and has instead decided to remain in her position as Chief of Staff to Chairman J. Mark McWatters.

“Sarah is passionate about credit unions throughout the country and excited about the bi-partisan manner in which the NCUA Board is operating,” the CCUA said in a press released. “She feels that there is unfinished business at the agency and wants to continue in her role in the completion of the work that the chairman has begun.

The CCUA board of directors will immediately begin meeting to resume the search process and looks forward to identifying a qualified candidate for the president and CEO position, who will lead the Association into the future.


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