Secret to digital success with AI is ‘human-like’ feel

As consumers grow more aware and accepting of digital interactions and artificial intelligence applications, they demand a 'more-human' feel that will improve the overall customer experience across touchpoints.

The power of digital communications lies in the ability to provide intelligent experiences in real time. From proactive recommendations to providing product and service alternatives based on activities and behaviors, artificial intelligence (AI) can often simplify the customer journey.

But, the myriad of choices available to today’s consumers, while usually appreciated, can quickly turn communication into noise. Without appropriate assistance and guidance, consumers can begin to feel overwhelmed and unable to make timely decisions.

The question becomes, how can financial institutions best leverage data and insights to attract the right consumers and grow those relationships? In addition, how can institutions balance the use of digital tools and human engagement to reduce friction, personalize and simplify the customer journey and encourage the proper purchases? In other words, what is the best path to intelligent guidance for consumer engagement?


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