Secret to online banking customer support? Ditch the scripts

Allowing contact center staff to indulge their inner comedian in responding to unusual customer chat questions, and letting them make on-the-spot small-dollar decisions has drawn rave reviews for one bank's digital banking unit. But how large can this approach scale?

“How can I make the monster under my bed chip in for the rent?” You might expect to hear a question like this from a friend or maybe a comedian, but this actually was asked in a chat with customer support at InSync, the mobile banking brand of Alfa-Bank Belarus, part of ABH Holdings.

Even more surprising is the answer the support team member actually gave: “Throw the rent bill under the bed and threaten to set your cat on the monster!” Far from drawing a rebuke, we loved that response!

As a result, the chat support team of InSync is quite unique, we believe. These 12 people — six men and six women — are available 24/7, have no call center-style scripts, and can solve a much wider range of problems than would usually be delegated to the first line of support. In more than three years since the team was formed, not a single person has left.


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