Security Leaders: Data loss prevention cannot stop insider threat

The study shows employees take more risks with data than employers think.

New research from Minneapolis-based Code42 underscores the major data security threat posed by employee actions; and disputes the notion that personnel are an effective frontline of defense against data breaches.

The data loss protection provider in its 2019 “Global Data Exposure Report” found insider threats – caused by current and departing employees – expose companies to breaches and put corporate data at risk. The research also questioned whether organizations fund and deploy the correct data security solutions to stop insider threats and asserted legacy data loss prevention solutions fall short in getting the job done.

Code42 maintained 79% of information security leaders believe employees are an effective frontline of defense against data breaches. However, this year’s report disagreed with that idea.

Recognizing employees as the power behind any organization, companies increasingly implement strategies for collaboration to make information sharing easier than ever. Some organizations, Code42 suggested, have not put in appropriate detection and response data security controls, and instead simply trust employees to keep data safe.


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