Seth Godin urges financial marketers to hit ‘reset’ during COVID crisis

The way to set your institution apart from the pack, especially now, is to focus on empathy and peace of mind, advises the world's most respected marketing expert. Technology is a critical component of that, but too often customer-facing applications are slapped together with 'toothpicks and glue.' The essential capability is to be able to know each consumer and meet their needs, not the bank's.

Seth Godin isn’t just a marketing demigod — he’s a passionate believer in the power and importance of a profession he’s devoted his life to.

In a keynote address to kickoff a virtual marketing series presented by Temenos, “The Power of Marketing in Uncertain Times,” Godin assured financial marketers that “the work you do is really important in rebuilding the economy. We need your skills, but we also need your leadership and humanity.”

His message wasn’t one big pat on the back, however. Godin didn’t become the most sought-after marketing speaker on the planet by spewing platitudes. He laced his presentation with pithy and succinct observations, intended to push listeners to out of their comfort zone.

He said, for example, that bank marketing is typically thought of as good ads, stock photos, promotions, sponsorships and such issues as “How do we get the word out?” “Where do we open a branch?”


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