Seven CU branches robbed in 9 weeks; scientist arrested

Karl Doron, a data scientist and brain researcher, pleads not guilty to felony charges.

Even the smartest bank robbers are caught, eventually.

Karl Doron, who allegedly planned and carried out the robbery of seven California credit union branches within nine weeks, has a background that is not typical of your average bank robber who usually comes with a criminal rap sheet.

It turns out the accused 43-year-old robber from San Diego received a PhD in psychological and brain sciences from the University of California in Santa Barbara, conducted real-time brain-machine interface experiments funded by the National Institutes of Health and served as an infantry squad leader in the U.S. Marine Corp.

On his LinkedIn page, Doron’s current title is a data scientist with more than 10 years of experience working with large, complex datasets in fast-paced, federally funded academic research environments. He’s also listed on Google’s scholar site with nearly 20 academic research papers to his credit, including one that offered perspectives on examining the architecture and function of the human brain that was published by the MIT Press in 2008.


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