Seven reasons not to hire a digital marketing agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency isn’t for everyone. Working with an agency is a relationship, and just like when it comes to romance, it isn’t always the right time to get serious. If you’re considering turning to experts to take on (or take over) your digital marketing needs, mull over these potential red flags within your organization. An agency will evaluate you on these same criteria. Identify ways that you need to grow before you’re ready to partner with a full team.

1. You haven’t updated your website in years.

A great deal of digital marketing involves getting people to your website. If your website is dated, full of errors, not optimized for mobile, or unclear, you run the risk of immediately alienating the traffic you worked so hard to get. Organizations that don’t commit to a strong digital presence typically aren’t a good fit for a digital marketing agency.

Want to overcome that? Hire a digital marketing agency to overhaul your website and then drive traffic to it. When your website redesign team has marketing in mind from the start, you’ll end up with a more powerful site that generates leads and expresses compelling, coherent key messaging.


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