Sex, millennials and credit unions

by: Darren OReilly

That’s three words I never thought I’d write my first blog post on. And no this isn’t a sex advice blog so keep your mind out of the gutter! You may be wondering why I’m talking about sex and credit unions. Well, the more I try to figure out why my peers don’t understand credit unions I’ve come to an unusual conclusion that it’s just like learning about sex without the experience.

Raise your hands if your parents had ‘the talk’ with you. No, not that talk! Research has shown that most parents are more comfortable having the “birds and the bees” talk than any conversation related to money. The talk about money can be just as uncomfortable for parents as the sex talk – but it’s just as necessary.

The ‘birds and the bees’ provides the basic knowledge of sex but doesn’t delve into the nitty gritty and mechanics of intercourse (Thankfully). It is only through experience and talking with their peers that young adults learn more about this topic.

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