Sharing life moments with members

Every day your members are going through different life stages – they are saving for their first car, sending kids off to college, looking to buy their first home, or planning for their retirement future. These moments are exciting, and often challenging, and as a credit union your services are effortlessly interwoven into these life stages. You provide the support and guidance that your customers are looking for. So how can you take that message and turn it into action? You develop a marketing strategy around the concept of life moments.

It’s about finding ways to connect


Companies have been declaring they are there for your life moments for years. In the 1980’s John Hancock did it with their campaign, “Real Life. Real Answers”. In the campaign created by Hill Holiday, they showed “recognizable moments in everyone’s lives that have real financial implications, and communicated the answers that John Hancock could provide”.

Using life moments as a marketing strategy is about finding ways to connect with your customers on a personal level.  The Content Marketing Institute reminds us, “emotions play a huge role in how consumers act and react. Emotions drive decisions, prompt actions, and change mind-sets, leading to strong loyalty and a deep personal connection with a given brand that can extend beyond its rational attributes”. What is important to your customers? How are you helping your customers experience their life moments?

Express your message with visuals


Credit unions need to develop connections with consumers in order to compete against the big banks, so how you get involved in these life moments matters! Visuals are an easy way to do that. As a credit union you want your members to actually see and feel how you are part of their life moments. Take a cue from Kodak: “share your Kodak moments”. Instead of telling your customers how you can make their life easier and better, show them.  Leverage the power of video, photos and personal testimonials to convey your message.

Make the most of life’s big moments


The organization Bank on More has successfully developed a marketing strategy around life moments for the credit unions of Missouri. Their campaign goes as follows, Life’s full of big moments. Make the most of them. Live larger with the credit unions of Missouri.”

This campaign embraces visuals by using videos as a promotional tool and finds ways to personalize the communication between credit unions and their customers. They know that in order for their customers to share their big life moments with them, they have to share personal moments as well. They have included a “What Friends are Saying” section on their website and try to inspire and motivate their customers with every post on social media. “Make the Most of Life’s Big Moments” from Bank on More is a great example of how credit unions can connect with customers and be most attractive to new members at the times they need you most.

Jeff Mesnik

Jeff Mesnik

Jeff Mesnik is the President of ContentMX and has worked in content marketing and with financial firms for over 10 years, helping everyone from MassMutual to Arizona Federal Credit Union ... Web: Details