Should a credit union use Veeam or Zerto for disaster recovery?

by. Kirk Drake

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for Credit Unions is changing very quickly.  As high speed bandwidth and virtualization become more and more main stream, the shift is moving away from backup to replication.  As this shift occurs, we are seeing credit unions regularly question the use of Veeam, Zerto, and VMware’s vSphere tools.  Sure, traditional data vaulting for Credit Unions will have applications for another few years, but the shift to Virtual Server based Replication tools is beginning to appear as the new trend.


As this trend develops, we wanted to analyze three main technologies and how they may impact your credit union:

  • OGO Replicator V3 – Provides Physical or Virtual Machine agent based backup and recovery
  • Veeam – Made by Veeam and designed for both backup and replication of Virtual Servers
  • Zerto – Made by Zerto and designed for pure replication of Virtual Servers
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