Sight, sound, touch: The business case for sensory branding

Animation, haptic vibration signal that consumers pay with Visa.

Visa’s “Everywhere you want to be” tagline has never been more of a reality than it is today. Devices that enable payments — voice assistants, smartphones and watches, connected appliances and cars — have taken the payment experience farther away from the physical retail space and closer to wherever we happen to be. Payments now have the ability to span billions of connected devices, making it essential to our business that we envision how our brand manifests itself in new digital environments 5, 10, 20 years down the road.

In 2017, Visa was the first major payment brand to introduce multi-sensory branding. We launched a suite of sensory branding cues which included animation, sound and haptic vibration expressions of our brand that signal to the consumer that they have made a payment with Visa. Why is this important? We have found that more than 75 percent of consumers[1] say that seeing the Visa brand around the point of sale assures them of security and trust. As the physical point of sale makes way for greater digital environments, sensory branding cues provide a way for us to express that our brand promise of speed, security, reliability and trust is still behind every transaction.


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