Simplify your homepage and streamline your banking website experience

by. Jennifer Buccini

A simple homepage layout engages your audience and guides them where they want to go. Here are seven steps to make it happen.

We see it all the time… financial institutions so eager to inform their audience of every special deal and product that they jam everything onto their homepage. But try to tell people everything and you’ll end up telling them nothing. Instead, you’ll just turn them off, because the layout is too cluttered and distinct information coalesces into a blob of color and text.

Visitors come to your homepage wanting to access online banking, look at loan information, check rates or find a location. Instead, far too many institutions make the wrong impression and frustrate visitors. Remember, you have only a few seconds to communicate with consumers before they get irritated and move on. That’s why it’s critical that you keep your homepage simple — at least at first glance — so you don’t drive away your audience.

So how do you carefully select the information you want to present balanced with the information you know your audience wants to view? Here are seven steps to a simpler website homepage experience.

1. Run analytics on your site

Why? This is an important first step. Analyze your site thoroughly to determine which pages your audience views most often, and then give visitors what they want by making these popular pages easily accessible.

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