Six areas where you can make an impact on workplace wellness post COVID-19

The prospect of returning to work after stay-at-home orders lift can be daunting, and the question we’re asked the most is “How can I make my workplace safe for employees?” To help you navigate this process, we’ve put together a checklist that covers what you can do in both the short and long term to protect your staff.

We would also like to walk you through the six main impact areas that these recommendations fall under: HVAC & Air Quality, Furniture, Material Applications, Technology, Cleaning Protocols, and Operation Protocols.

HVAC & Air Quality

This is where you have the biggest opportunity to improve employee wellness in the COVID-19 era. This is a respiratory disease, and the 6-foot rule breaks down in indoor environments with central air. You may move 6 feet away from your desk mate, but you could still be infected by a coworker on the other side of the building if poorly filtered air is recirculated in the building. But there is good news, there are things that you can do right now and in the long term to dramatically mitigate this risk.



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