Six ways to protect member data in a remote workplace (that don’t require IT support)

As more credit unions serve members from new locations, safeguarding privacy is paramount.

Even as branch locations close and all but a few credit union employees migrate to a home office or other remote workplace, the industry continues to help people through one of the most chaotic times in recent history. Thanks to high-speed internet, virtual private networks, remote desktop platforms, video conferencing and a plethora of connected systems, the movement remains open for business.

But, for every bright spot technology offers, there’s an equal number of potential pitfalls, specifically when it comes to data security and privacy. Credit unions are responsible for personally identifiable information, and cybercriminals use increasingly innovative and sophisticated ways to gain access to that data.

I am sure your credit union’s IT and cybersecurity teams have protected your systems and provided regular training for all employees. However, these teams have limited reach when it comes to your personal space. I have worked a few days at home each week over the last 10 years (vs. commuting into our New York City office) and will be completing my master’s degree in cybersecurity shortly. So, I have a few thoughts on protecting sensitive data and maintaining privacy.


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