Social determinants of health: An employer’s role

Does your wellness program reduce your healthcare benefits costs?

When it comes to customer satisfaction, quality assurance and market competitiveness, leaders rely on the data. They reference case studies, surveys and research and compare multiple options before committing and implementing.

Yet when it comes to wellness programs, many organizations have either built internally or purchased bandwagon programs designed around trending topics in workplace wellness rather than evidence-based practice in preventative medicine. And because so few employers are measuring the ROI of their wellness programs, the jury is still out; one large, randomized controlled study found no benefits at all after the first year of implementation of a wellness program while another identified tremendous ROI in an 88,000-employee software company.

Where are Organizations Going Wrong?

One area of weakness in the trendy wellness program is its lack of acknowledgment of social determinants of health, or SDOH.

What are social determinants of health?


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