Social media marketing: 4 responses for tough comments

In all industries, business owners are faced with the possibility of having a negative review or comment online about your products or services. Credit unions and Banks are certainly not immune to this possibility. For this reason, your social media marketing plan must include a document that describes how to respond to negative comments online.

Whenever we start working with a new client, we have a checklist of items that we review and update on the institution’s Facebook page. More often than not, we see that visitor posts and/or reviews are disabled and the reasoning behind this decision is (understandably) a fear of receiving a bad comment or review. Best practices for social media marketing for Financial Institutions would tell us this is the exact reason every credit union SHOULD allow people to post and share, and here’s why!

Credit unions and community banks are known for their excellent customer service and flexibility to fit specific members’ needs, so shouldn’t you want to know if there is an issue? Here are some great examples that can help you respond to a negative comment…


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