Some bad news in $736-million refund from NCUA? Unfortunately, yes

It turns out there is some bad news to be found in the $736-million in funds being paid to credit  unions this week by NCUA.

Those refunded corporate assessments mean 1,472,945 people will now be able to attend the CUTomorrow Conference, thanks to its low $499 registration cost. However, for the obvious reason—long lines at lunch–the meeting is limited to significantly fewer than one-million-plus attendees.

“Obviously, having a million-and-a-half people at the CUTomorrow Conference would be great, as it means so many people learning  how other credit unions have built successful, growth-oriented programs, which would benefit members and the credit union movement alike,” observed Frank J. Diekmann, Cooperator-in-Chief at “But the Omni Hotel in downtown Austin, Texas has informed me they don’t quite have 1.4 million rooms available, plus there is also the very real issue of getting all the handouts distributed, not to mention that there would probably be a line at registration.”


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