Speaking up for yourself and your career

The latest issue of Advancing Women addresses communication styles and differences, including tips on becoming a better communicator.

Here at CUES we are celebrating the first anniversary of our digital publication, Advancing Women. Last year we published four issues and covered topics ranging from pay inequality, the importance of mentorship, asking for and negotiating a raise, board diversity and much more.

Our latest issue explores communication. In “Speak Confidently And Unleash Your Power,” freelance writer Pamela Mills-Senn highlights how some communication behaviors and habits can undermine their message.

These are good tips for anyone. Learning to speak clearly and articulately is an important skill for career development. Leaders and potential leaders are judged on their ability to communicate effectively.

However, I also caution the current leaders reading this to be aware of your reactions to these vocal habits. Does the sound of “vocal fry” make you cringe? Do you want to roll your eyes at “up talk” (where the speaker seems to be asking a question)?


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