Specialty compliance issues: Disaster recovery software

Regulation has a long reach. Technology solutions must reach so far.

While compliance may be a strategic function rooted in risk management, complying with regulations often comes down to details that vary with each rule. So technological solutions often focus and specialize.

Overall Disaster Recovery Compliance Tool

The complex business continuity compliance area may require credit unions to implement a specialty tool.

That’s the nice of Infinite Blue, a CUES Supplier member based in Audubon, Pennsylvania, which specializes in “enterprise resilience,” including business continuity and disaster recovery.

“CUs have to adhere to regulations,” notes Michael Jennings, director of advisory services. “They have to follow a methodology, do risk and business impact analysis, (and) have a detailed plan for what they would do during a disaster and how they’d recover from it. They’d have to test those plans and shore up the weak spots. They’d have to be able to demonstrate that they’ve done this for the examiners. That’s what we help them do.”


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