Staff empowerment one of the keys to Credit Union of New Jersey’s recent success, VP Robin Hickey explains

Credit Union Times latest Women to Watch recipient Credit Union of New Jersey’s Vice President of Marketing/Business Development Robin Hickey joins us on the program to discuss some of the keys to her credit union’s success last year — along what her role was in helping drive that success. Robin provides a myriad of examples, as well as some failures from which she learned important lessons to overcome and exceed expectations.

In addition, we also talked about a unique partnership/CUSO her credit is involved in to implement a new core processor later this year. Credit Union of New Jersey and two other credit unions have teamed up to pool their resources — as only CUs can — to purchase and install a new core processing system. This joint effort allowed the credit unions to incorporate new technology, when normally they may not have been able to by themselves. Great teamwork story, as well.

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