Staff-inspired RealMe card program serves members and builds loyalty

Educators Credit Union’s chosen name option is the latest component of its larger diversity effort.

The names each of us have matter a lot in how we present in the world. Some people get nicknames early in life that are used so much that their given names only crop up in formal, legal situations. Others have given names that are hard to say or spell. Some feel that their legal names don’t represent who they are. This last one can be particularly relevant to members of the transgender community.

The legal name change process can be tedious and frustrating. It requires resources to pay court fees and get to bureaucratic institutions. It can also require a lot of emotional energy, especially if a person hasn’t gone by their legal name in years.

Something Educators Credit Union has done to ease the way for members is to launch our RealMe by Educators CU card. This program lets our accountholders choose the first name that will be shown on select credit and debit cards. Launched on Nov. 17, 2021, RealMe is part of our credit union’s overall vision for the inclusion of staff and members.


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