Stand out from your competition

Face it, you’re one of many financial institutions. Why should someone join your credit union instead of their nearest available bank? If your answer is that you have great rates or that you help people…guess what? That’s what everyone else says too. The key to winning new members is to set yourself apart from the pack. Your Marketing Co has helped over 40 credit unions find their voice; today we’ll give you some tips free of charge.

  • Be weird. Be quirky. Be imaginative.
    It’s the things that are different that makes a lasting impression. The Super Bowl is known for having interesting ads – why not evoke that kind of out-of-the-box thinking year-round? What’s more memorable: a happy couple dangling keys out of the window of a car or a fat cat driving a car? If a picture is worth a thousand words, make yours matter.
  • Use as few words as possible.
    People are busy. They have short attention spans. Nobody has time to read a paragraph on your flyer. Why clutter up prime visual real estate with details? Keep it in the compliance, that’s what it’s there for anyways! It’s better to be cheesy or witty than boring and forgetful.
  • If you don’t understand what you’re selling, neither will your members.
    Complicated promotions with confusing caveats are ineffective. Get to the prize, the payout, the gain, the free food. People are selfish and hungry, if not hangry most of the time. If there is no gain, then there’s no point and people aren’t going to participate out of the goodness of their hearts. What’s the value of your product over someone else’s? Focus on that, and don’t overcomplicate things.

If this all seems a bit out of your comfort zone, That’s just fine. We hope you’re happy staying right where you are! Just take a look around and enjoy your view, fighting for elbow room with everyone else. One of many. Lost in the crowd.

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