Start with the problem, not with the solution

If I gave you a million dollars for this project, what would you give me back? I sit and reflect on a recent question I had about the solution my project team is working on. The answer to this question is, I don’t know and I’m not supposed to yet. I know the problem we are trying to solve, I know the outcomes we are trying to achieve, however what that solution looks like is still being figured out.

Design thinking is a different approach to our usual way of conducting projects. Often you start with some objectives to achieve, choose a solution and work towards it. Instead we are starting with who we are solving a problem for, it’s called human centre design. Once you understand who you are solving for you begin to explore the problems they are facing and discuss the problem that you are trying to help solve. The focus is not on the solution, it is on the people you are solving for.

Libro is a purpose based company and our purpose is to grow prosperity in southwestern Ontario. What does prosperity mean? Well that’s a great question, we believe it means something different for everyone. Each of our lifestyles are different, our goals are different, there is no one-size-fits-all answer for what prosperity means. So, how does Libro know if we are growing prosperity for our Owners (members)? Our project is certainly not the answer to this large question, but it’s a start. We want our Owners to confidently say that they are better off by banking with Libro and we hope our solution will help achieve this.


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