Stop making it so hard for people to do business with you!

“Why aren’t we growing?” Frustrated credit union leaders ask me this question when they’re trying to figure out why growth numbers are falling short. They’re proud of the fact that they’re leading a small not-for-profit financial cooperative, and they can’t see why anyone would choose a different banking option. They usually follow their first question with something like, “Why would someone do business with Wells Fargo instead of us? I just don’t get it.”

I do. As much as I try to support independent, locally owned businesses first, sometimes they make it virtually impossible to do business with them. How so? Let me share an example. We recently decided to celebrate one of our team member’s birthday by treating #teamymc to a taco lunch. As we were scrolling through a variety of restaurant options, we came across a local taco joint with a remarkable story.

After immigrating to the United States several years ago, the taco shop’s owner supported his family by working for a successful restauranteur. As he worked his way up in the kitchen, he would treat his coworkers to tacos made using his family’s recipe. The tacos were so delicious that the restaurant owner decided to open a taco joint with this gentleman. After years of sweat equity, the man was given the opportunity to run his very own restaurant, one that bears his name and features his family’s recipe. The American Dream. A success story. Kind of.


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