Successfully building the confidence to grow a career

Learning and networking were key to growing my career from teller to EVP.

On Jan. 1, I stepped up into the newly created role of executive vice president at my organization, $158 million Campco Credit Union, Gillette, Wyoming, which is now celebrating its 50th anniversary serving members. Starting with the credit union as a teller in 2013, I’ve also served as human resources director, AVP/lending, and VP/operations.

Joining Campco CU and the movement overall ignited a passion in me that I hadn’t previously had in my life. I was raised by a strong woman to believe that I could do anything. Through hard work and determination, my mom rose into the executive ranks in a male-dominated industry. But despite this, I initially lacked full confidence in myself. Learning and networking helped me turn my newfound passion for credit unions into a career of leadership and service. Both attending CEO Institute and being a CUES member have helped me experience the kind of learning and networking that energizes leaders.

CEO Institute offers top-notch classes that allow business professionals to receive academic perspectives. I will complete all three segments by participating in my last one this fall. The experience has opened my eyes to the overall operation of a credit union. Not only are the financials critical, but now I will have skills to help negotiate contracts, retain staff and properly place talent, and create strategic plans or visions for the credit union.


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