Tackle the SEO marathon as a series of sprints

Search engine optimization work for your website content is never done.

It’s been said again and again that search engine optimization isn’t a race; it’s a marathon. It works as a metaphor to set expectations that content work takes time and effort. It falls short, however, because the truth is that website content work is never done.

Wait, I’m Not Done With the Content I’ve Already Posted?

Well, kind of. There are two factors at play with website content:

  1. Times and circumstances change, and
  2. your goals and focus shift.

So, while you might have done a great job with content at one point in time, it’s not likely to be sound forever. That can be due to forces outside anyone’s control, or new priorities within your organization. Either way, the keys to staying competitive with website content are to know what you have, how it performs, and how it relates to your objectives.


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