Take a selfie of your credit union or bank

Selfies. You see teenagers and lovebirds everywhere taking pictures of themselves. While a little egocentric in nature, selfies do show a lot: about yourself. There is little of the outside world in a selfie: it’s pretty much just you.

If you took a selfie of your credit union or bank, what would the picture show? Examining your market, your competitors and your community are critical growth steps for your financial institution. You need lots of research on your consumers and your competitors.

However, any examination of your strategic plan and marketing efforts should begin not with an external but rather internal view. A selfie.

You take a selfie by pointing the camera at yourself. How do you take a selfie of your credit union or bank? Here are some suggestions:

  • Survey your staff—Your internal review begins with your staff. The survey doesn’t have to be fancy. Just ask them some key questions (“Have I received recognition in the past 7 days,” “At work, do I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day,” etc.). Use a tool like survey monkey. If your encourage it, your staff can give you a brutal assessment of how things really are at your shop.
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