Take your first step into the cloud – Free hosted exchange eBOOK

by. Robin Remines

Sometimes you just need to know how to get started. I’m that way (especially when I’m blogging/writing – that first paragraph can be a killer) and credit unions across the nation have approached Ongoing Operations about the “how, why and what” when it comes to cloud computing implementations.  Because our focus is also on disaster recovery, we often help credit unions to look at their critical processes and servers to see what makes sense when it comes to the cloud. What we’ve discovered is that your email has reached critical prioritization almost without fail across hundreds of credit unions. You need a more reliable infrastructure not only for backups for day-to-day operational integrity as well.

That’s where Hosted Exchange comes in – Our newest eBook, “Hosted Exchange – A Powerful New Option” contains a compilation of our best blogs on Hosted Exchange topics ranging from its benefits to actual implementation details.

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