Taking care of business: How to prepare for tax season 2021 during a pandemic Part 1

Rise above our reality by taking a proactive approach to tax season 2021 planning.

Tax season 2021 is going to be the first one (and hopefully the last) that will likely start and end with Covid-19. Unlike the last tax season where we didn’t have COVID-19 until the tail end of the return preparation period, going into this tax season, we know it is here and that the world has shifted because of it.

From my perspective, it’s time for all firms to adapt to the new reality that we are all facing (if they haven’t already). Some examples of how we can—and should—choose to be prepared for this tax season:

  • Consider how you are going to address the fact that clients are not going to want to make in-person appointments to see you or to want to handle any paper documents.
  • As such, your business needs a different way of serving them and working, which means in the cloud. If you aren’t there already, you have a window of opportunity now before busy season to make it happen.


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