Tales from NACUSO: Finding tech solutions that work for members and staff

As a credit union, your mission is to transform lives by creating trust and a solid financial foundation for growth. Members look to you for guidance to simplify and enhance their financial lives. However, you often find yourself grappling with tech solutions that, instead of easing your workload, lead to hours spent on the phone seeking solutions and widespread frustration.

VisiFi was thrilled to connect with CU leaders on a panel at NACUSO, and discuss the challenges of working with technology that doesn’t always align with the ideal of personalized connections inherent in CUs. How do you remain member-centric when your technology is designed to homogenize the experience?

This frustration is rampant among CU leaders at the moment–the essence of a credit union is deeply intertwined with a personalized care experience. Each member wants to have a ‘Cheers’ interaction–where everybody knows your name. But as CU memberships age and you try to modernize to attract younger members and grow, the tech solutions you’ve adopted don’t always work as intended. And when a staff member is spending more time on the helpline than with the member at their desk, the relationship suffers.

By and large, the CU leaders aren’t looking for quick fixes or tricks to get to the front of the service line. Instead, many leaders suggested changing the bedrock of partnerships to reflect a more relationship-centric model.


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