Tapping into passion

What in your daily life makes you feel fulfilled? Motivated? Happy? Are you tapping into those passions to make a difference?

These can be tough questions. And finding the right avenue to dial into your passion in an effective way requires intentional work. What you care most is often revealed in difficult times – I’ve found the things I am most passionate about have become crystal clear to me when going through unprecedented circumstances that have altered my thinking.

When you notice your drive and happiness increase as you pursue things, the key is to keep pursuing them.

For me, I’m a focused and engaged husband, father, and leader. I have been an active member of the Florida State University Alumni Association, previously serving as Chair of the Board of Directors, and giving back as a mentor through the Florida State University ProfessioNole Mentors program (and that doesn’t even include the time I spend rooting for the Seminoles on Saturdays in the fall). I am also passionate about both fishing and environmental conservation efforts and have channeled that commitment into serving as Vice Chair of the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Board of Directors.


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