Tech Time: 4 signs that your credit union’s website needs an overhaul

Don’t let outdated technology or branding affect potential members’ first impression.

The financial services industry has never really been static and has long been subject to shifts in government regulations and tax codes, disruptive technologies, economic policies, inflation rates and, most recently, the pandemic.

However, change can be a good thing—evolving banking technology has helped credit unions simplify day-to-day operations, solidify member relationships and identify new revenue opportunities. The success of your credit union all depends on whether you choose to continue business as usual or embrace change as it comes your way.

One question that often pops up while working with credit unions looking to build stronger digital strategies is “Do we need a website overhaul to compete or rank better?”

This question usually arises when a credit union is considering changing its branding or is having trouble ranking in search results, but there are several additional reasons why a website overhaul may be needed.


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