Tech Time: Has your core software been sunset?

4 signs your core is quietly edging into maintenance-only mode—and possibly into no-maintenance territory

One of our senior directors got a call a few weeks ago from the CEO of a core provider. Mr. CEO complained that one of our consultants mentioned to a client that his core system was no longer being supported. The CEO passionately argued that our consultant used the term “sunset” with the client as it related to his core system.

Now, I can see why a software provider would be upset if a consultant was telling clients that its core product was no longer viable, but software can stay in the market a long time in “maintenance mode.” So perhaps we should spend a few minutes discussing how software decisions are made by core banking system providers.

Let me explain.

Over the course of my career, I spent several years managing software development teams through the project management office, including quite a bit of time at a large core provider. One important thing I learned is that not all software gets the same amount of attention from the development team and senior management.


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