Tech Time: Your data breach – not if, but when

Credit unions need to prepare their response for when defenses fail, as cyberattackers currently have the upper hand.

“Well, this day-in-the-life of a credit union VP is going pretty well,” is your thought as you review material for the upcoming board meeting.

With the CU’s president in the middle of a two-week Caribbean cruise, it will be your turn to go over things at the meeting. And things are going well. The rollout of the updated mobile banking platform has been moving right along. Loan growth continues upward. And…

The ringing of your phone interrupts your train of thought, “Pat Jones, Akmye Credit Union. How may I help you?”

“This is Special Agent Joe Gannon,” the voice on the line responds. “I’m with the FBI’s cybercrime division. During a recent investigation, we found files on the dark web that appear to contain information about your customers—names, account number, addresses and other information. Were you aware you may have had a data breach?”


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