Tech to confuse

by: Joe Winn

Have you ever found yourself so overwhelmed with new technologies that you simply gave up? “Look at the new iOSdroid 45.759 iPhone Max 16” Extra High Resolution 4K 3D Hologram Edition!” What? Forget it. My Motorola StarTAC works just fine for me. You can keep your, um, whatever that is.

Ok, I exaggerated. Slightly. Though for someone not keenly on the “bleeding edge”, it can feel that way. Lots of technology, no idea how it connects to your life.

This can happen to anyone, even a self-proclaimed geek like myself. Through a series of odd events, I wound up getting a new car. It has everything. Here’s a rundown of just some of its advanced technologies: Smart City Brake Support, Forward Obstruction Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Support, Blind Spot Monitoring, Lane Departure Warning, Smart High Beams, Adaptive Headlights, Radar Cruise Control, Capacitor Regenerative Braking, and Rain-sensing Windshield Wipers…whew!

At first blush, the technologist in me went bonkers. “Gadgets, gizmos, sensors, radar, LASERS!” Then I asked the question you’ve doubtlessly posed before as well. “So, now what?”

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