Tell your credit union story on #ILoveMyCreditUnion Day!

Our nation’s credit union cooperatives are more than experienced to say the least when it comes to bringing financial health and foundational wealth to local communities. Credit unions bring over 100 years of member-owned and financial services experience and guidance to both America’s main streets and metropolitan areas.

That member-first heritage is why, today, Friday, July 28th, all associated with this proud industry are celebrating the #ILoveMyCreditUnion Day social media campaign, celebrating this all-out, all-platform social media blitz that inspires, supports, and encourages authentic and high-energy conversation about why we love our credit unions!

Stemming from the original credit union product, small-dollar loans, to lower rates and discounts on other great products and services, to recent community-first policies like loan payment deferrals in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, credit unions have consistently risen to the occasion to fulfill that “credit union difference,” meet their community’s needs, and champion their core mission of “people helping people.”

QCash takes great pride in helping to bring the industry’s founding product, small-dollar loans, back to prominence while eliminating the malevolent payday lending industry that has brought so much financial turmoil and damage to America’s consumers. How do we do that? By showing them a better, more affordable, and accessible way to get fast funds deposited in their accounts through their own mobile devices in less than sixty seconds using the QCash Life Event Loan platform.


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