Ten things that deserve extra thought in 2020

While you have many opportunities and threats on your radar, here are some worth focusing on.

As we get ready to turn the page on 2019, there is plenty to think about. Not only is 2020 an election year, but the economy is sending mixed signals, painting a backdrop of uncertainty. Of course, you have more than 10 things on your radar, but among all the opportunities and threats nipping at your heels, these deserve a little additional thought:

1. Maximizing Strategic Progress

True progress toward desired strategy is not guaranteed by doing lots of projects. If the strategy is not being realized, the implementation structure may be lacking key pieces. Work on building practices and processes focused on consistently choosing the right things to do—and not do—and getting them done well.

2. Business Model Optimization

More organizations are digging deeper to understand their business models, searching for ways to fine-tune resource usage and maximize the value they bring. Through understanding the profitability of different business lines and different types of customers, shifting the mix or cost structure, sometimes in subtle ways, can dial up the success of the business model.


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