The 1 credit union marketing mistake you’re making

I can rattle off a half dozen marketing mistakes credit unions make, but I want to focus on the one major mistake that I see time and time again. It’s the mistake that stems from our good nature and desire to be the good guys but often ends up doing more harm than good to your brand: Lying.

“Not me. We would never do that.” Not intentionally, and that’s why I bring this to your attention.

Some companies have done this in the past and ended up in legal trouble. Take Airborne for example: “Airborne cures colds.” A bold statement that could not be backed up with research or facts, landing them in a $23 million lawsuit. Or Skechers, which ended up paying a $40 million settlement after using celebrities like Kim Kardashian to peddle its Shape-Up sneakers, claiming that you only had to tie on your shoes to lose weight.

Most likely the lies in your marketing aren’t as harmful to consumers as the examples listed above, but they could be doing extensive damage to your brand. Think back to your last 24 months of marketing. What messages are you putting out there?


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