The 52-week social media challenge

Have you heard of the 52-Week Savings Challenge? It’s a pretty popular resolution idea in financial circles this time of year.

It asks people to save one dollar during week one, two dollars during week two and so on until they save $1,378 by year’s end. It helps people who have trouble saving get into the swing of things. And if your credit union or community bank has trouble doing social media, you should try something similar.

Let’s go over how the three steps to our newly created 52-Week Social Media Challenge will help you develop solid online habits.

1. Establish Consistency

Step one (and arguably the most important step) is regularly posting on each platform you decide to use. Without a regular posting schedule, your social media efforts will be in vain. A dead social media account might lead consumers to believe you’re unresponsive or out of business.


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