The BCI celebrates Business Continuity and Resilience Awareness Week

Business continuity events and disasters can happen at any moment, be it an outage, a cyberattack, a severe weather event, or a natural disaster. It’s when these crises happen that members often need your services more than ever and depend on your credit union to be there to support them. If the credit union goes dark during disasters or is down during a member’s personal crisis thanks to an outage, then your members are left without the help they need, and trust between member and credit union is severed.

This is why business continuity and disaster preparedness are critical components of the credit union. From having a business continuity plan, to practicing it, to living it, credit unions may not be able to anticipate these events and disasters, but they can be ready whenever they strike. To emphasize the importance of business continuity and educate businesses on how to create and/or strengthen their business continuity preparedness, the Business Continuity Insititute has created Business Continuity and Resilience Awareness Week, which runs this year from May 13th to May 17th.

The Business Continuity Insititute works year-round to provide business continuity training, certification, and education in the hopes of creating a world where every organization is resilient., and Business Continuity and Resilience Awareness Week was created in the aid of that goal. The theme for this year’s event is “Empowering Tomorrow: Building Resilience Today,” with the goal to “inspire a proactive mindset, the development of a resilient culture within organizations that also contributes to broader communities and industries.”

To help businesses reach this goal, the Business Continuity Insitute has laid out six key aspects to focus on throughout the week:


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