The CUInsight Network podcast: Member centricity – Co-op Solutions (#72)

Featuring Nelson Fisher, Director of Product Development at Co-op Solutions

Thank you for tuning in to episode 72 of The CUInsight Network, with your host, Lauren Culp, Publisher & CEO of CUInsight. In The CUInsight Network, we take a deeper dive with the thought leaders who support the credit union community. We discuss issues and challenges facing credit unions and identify best practices to learn and grow together.

My guest on today’s show is Nelson Fisher, Director of Product Development at Co-op Solutions. Nelson shares his career journey that led him to his current role. Co-op Solutions partners with credit unions to deliver member-centric and digital-first services designed to improve operational efficiencies and the member experience. They continue to focus on serving credit unions to improve efficiencies, drive growth, and make data-informed decisions. 

During our conversation, Nelson and I chat about building more member-centric services. He shares perspectives about growth in the credit union industry and delves into research on the micro and macroeconomic environment. Listen as Nelson talks about insights on the psychology of spending behavior, digital maturity, and member engagement.

As we wrap up the episode, Nelson talks about his interest in music, his admiration for his wife, and his favorite things about the Bay Area. Enjoy my conversation with Nelson Fisher!

Connect with Nelson:
Nelson Fisher, Director of Product Development at Co-op Solutions
Nelson: LinkedIn
Co-op: LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube 

Show notes from this episode:
What an amazing interview with Nelson! Check out all the exceptional work his team is doing over at Co-op Solutions here.
Want to hear more from Nelson? Click here.
Place mentioned: San Francisco
White paper mentioned: 2023 Co-op CU Growth Outlook
Shout-out: Ernst & Young
Shout-out: Mastercard 
Shout-out: Credit Union of Southern California
Shout-out: PSCU
Shout-out: Nelson’s wife
Historic event mentioned: COVID-19 pandemic
Place mentioned: San Francisco Bay Area
Place mentioned: California
Historic event mentioned: Apollo 8
Book mentioned: Rocket Men by Robert Kurson

In this episode:
[00:43] – Nelson Fisher says he wanted to be a touring musician, A.K.A. a rockstar, as a kid.
[03:35] – Nelson talks about payment trends throughout the credit union systems. 
[06:29] – What keeps credit unions connected to members?
[08:05] – Why is the concept of “integration” so important for credit unions?
[10:40] – Nelson talks about lifestyle triggers impacting member engagement and growth.
[12:34] – Does member centricity lead to growth?
[14:47] – What’s next for Nelson?
[16:56] – “I’m absolutely so appreciative of her.”
[18:40] – Nelson talks about an inspiring book he’s read more than once.
[20:59] – “Let’s ask better questions.”

Lauren Culp

Lauren Culp

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